How To Make a Finger Puppet

How to make a finger puppet? Finger puppet templates to print out are an economical, convenient and fun way to create endless fun for your kids. At Finger Puppet Patterns, we have designed and tested lots of printable puppets to ensure you get the best quality and durability from your chosen puppet design.

Here are a few tips in order for you to get the absolute best results from your printable puppet:

• The better the quality of paper, the better will be the puppet quality. Although some of our puppets used in the site pictures were actually printed on regular stock and turned out great, it is always best to use heavier or photographic paper to keep the form of the puppet and for durability.

• For consistent results you could take the printable puppet template file to a printer. This is a great idea if you have the time as they can get the best results for you since they will have a greater selection of papers to choose from. Just purchase your finger puppet pack from the us, download your mask file to a flash drive or SD card and give to the clerk telling them you want it printed on 8.5×11 inch heavy (maybe photo) paper. They will know what to do.

• Once you have your puppets printed, you will need some tools. An X-Acto blade works best to cut out your puppet although fine scissors could be used. If kids are helping to make the puppets obviously you must take care that the safety aspects of using a blade or scissors are followed. Be sure to watch our video on how to cut out your puppet template for best results. Also a cutting board is important to get a clean cut around detailed areas.

• As the puppets are only “finger” size cutting around the smaller areas such as the ears or hair details is quite difficult and a smaller child will need help here.

• When the puppet has been cut out, wrap the two tabs around the child’s middle finger and tape or stick them together to ensure a good fit. Using the middle finger allows the puppet to be used on other fingers without tearing, if the story or play the child is enacting requires this.

Now that you know how to get ready for your puppets to print, check out some of our favorites below:

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